With an office in Tucson the eye doctor at Elite Dry Eye Spa has been providing Tucson with quality dry eye care for many years.

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Our Patient Philosophy

My patient philosophy is that anyone who is experiencing chronic dry eye signs and symptoms should know what is and is not working with their specific tearing system. Otherwise, how can they get treatment when they don’t know the root cause behind their signs and symptoms?

Dry eye disease is multifactorial and many elements contribute to the dysfunction of our tearing system. So, I believe in educating, informing, and empowering my patients to choose the right dry eye therapy or therapies that can move them into a better and healthier place and dealing with dry eye disease in which there is no cure for.

Looking for a Real Dry Eye Solution?

Anyone suffering from dry eye disease should really seek out a complete dry eye evaluation versus a regular exam at an eye care provider’s office, especially when one suffers from signs and symptoms of dry eye, such as constant dryness, sore irritated eyes, burning, watering, sense of redness, and even eye fatigue.

We offer specific treatments for all areas of dry eye, including blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.

We often hear that our massage chair is a highlight of the evaluation. Yes there is a massage chair justifying the name spa of Elite Dry Eye Spa.