We get many referrals from other eye care and primary care providers, allergists, dermatologists, and other healthcare professionals.

Why do other professionals refer their patients to Dr. Bevels?

Quite simply, any patient who repeatedly shares that they’re having chronic issues with dry eyes, such as:

  • After using eye drops or artificial tears, they failed to provide relief
  • They were given a prescription for a big pharmaceutical brand dry eye treatment, which can be very expensive and typically doesn’t work after three to six months of using it.

Then, these patients are in a bad place because they aren’t getting the right treatments.

These practitioners soon realize that either what they’ve tried isn’t working or that they are ready to refer out.

Many recent studies about dry eye disease, in the last few years, have shown that there really is a point where a provider ought to send their patients to an office that is fully dedicated to diagnosing and treating dry eye disease.

Fortunately, Elite Dry Eye Spa is not only committed to being a referral resource to other providers, but we get results & the results are undeniable.

One of the ways we evaluate success is the dry eye speed questionnaire. It’s the litmus test we use so that every patient knows they started out at a high number (for example, in the 20+ range) and after the right treatments, the patient now reports they’re down to 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. The numbers don’t lie.

Patients definitely know that they are feeling better, and what else can you ask for?

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